Hey guys,

June is underway. The world is becoming increasingly complex. So, please stay safe, healthy and strong during these times.

I have more workouts for Team DMA:

I want to shout out Julian Waugh for suggesting plyometrics as a focus for this week’s exercises. Julian sent this website as a resource for plyo movements: https://greatist.com/fitness/explosive-bodyweight-exercises#intermediate

Great stuff here.

Plyometric training helps with explosiveness, your CNS and reaction time, and balance/stability. If you ever hesitate with explosive transitional movements on your feet or while training your groundwork, then plyometrics will probably help you prepare better.

We will focus on plyo workouts all week this week. Like the kettlebell week, rather than quantity and maxing out, I want you all to focus on applying these workouts technically/effectively. So, study the technical videos, take some time to do these right, and observe your body’s performance on your own workouts or when we are all back on the mat – let’s hope that’s sooner rather than later.


Plyo Pushups

-Set a time for 10 minutes
-perform sets of 10-20 – you’re looking to fatigue but not let technique breakdown, so you can modify the rep count
-record your numbers

***Again, note, do not let technique slip. This is about quality, not just quantity.


Send in feedback. I think you’ll enjoy these workouts.

District Martial Arts