Hey Gang,

A few quick items before the workout:

1) Reminder: Coach Tone is teaching tonight at 6pm on Zoom: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/2814112429

2) Next Wednesday June 10 Sam Shawa and I will teach a BJJ “Theory” Class on Zoom. We will have some material prepared but you are encouraged to email either of us ahead of time with questions or topics you’d like to review. Class starts at 6:30pm. Be on the lookout for a Zoom invite next week.

The workout:

Another Plyo for ya (duh). Today’s workout is less “ballistic” but will help with your footwork and speed: box drills. Basically on your toes you’re going to hop rhythmically making a box on one foot at a time. You’ll feel this in your calves. You’ll feel this in your feet and ankles too. You’d be surprised how important foot and ankle strength/durability is in athletics.

The workout below calls for one foot at a time, but to mix things up I’ll sometimes bring my feet together too and do box drills. This is an excellent warmup to any intense workout you do and builds a foundation for strong athletic movement.



Footwork: Box Drill:
(go to number 5) for a visual on what to do – hint: make a box with each foot

-Set a time for 10 minutes
-Alternate sets of 30 seconds of Box Drills per leg
-Take rest as needed for your legs to recover

***be consistent with your pacing. Notice when your rate of movement slows down and fatigue sets in. While you’re not moving as much your body is yielding a ton of benefits here.


Wrap up the week strong guys! Don’t forget to send in questions if you have them for next week’s BJJ Theory class. Looking forward to seeing your faces again soon!

District Martial Arts