Good Morning Team DMA,

It’s gloomy out there today. If you needed a reminder to stay inside, just look at the sky right now…ain’t nothing good out there!

With that said, we have a hot off the presses living room workout from Coach Ijlee. She’s put together a great, whole body workout for us today. No weights required. Enjoy!


Ijlee’s Workout:

– 10 Inchworms w/Push-up
– 10 Deep Squats
– 20 Quad Stretches
– 20 Side Lunges
– 20 Arm Circles
– 20 Open & Close
– 20 Up & Down

8 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
– 20 Dips (use a low surface, like a couch or chair)
– 20 Lunges (total)
– 20 Bicycle Crunches (each side)

Rest 2 minutes

8 min AMRAP
– 20 Plank Rotations (total)
– 20 Lunges (total)
– 20 Flutter Kicks (each side)

***Cool down and stretch on your own!

As usual, please send any feedback or training questions you have. Charles and I recorded a Q&A podcast last night with your questions. We will do more, so please send us more questions.

Team DMA