Challenge yourself. Every year people start off with good intentions and then those intentions evaporate as regular life takes over. Don’t do that to yourself. If you want to see new outcomes then you have to take new action. Here are a few basic tips:

1) Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself: what changes do I need to make to improve my life? Don’t lie to yourself about the significance of these changes either. You know right and wrong, and knowing the right answer to this question and not taking action is only going to make you feel worse. Don’t let avoidance dominate your life. Once you’ve identified your goals set an action plan.

2) Set achievable goals. Minor victories beget major victories. If your goal is to lose 25 lbs by June 1st, set an action plan with simple and achievable goals that help you hit the larger goal. For example, you’ll be frustrated with yourself if your plan of action is to stop going out to eat 7 days a week and completely cut out sugar. Some people may have the discipline to turn a 180 like that, but you probably aren’t that person (no offense). Rather, start off by saying you’re only going to eat out on weekends, cut out soft drinks and stop putting sugar in your morning coffee. You’d be surprised the type of results that consistent, minor healthy changes in your routine can make. Once you see progress from that you may even decide to dial up the intensity a bit.

3) Remove negativity from your life. Whether it’s negative thoughts or negative people, you have time for neither. People underestimate the significance of their thoughts and mental patterns. Do you doubt your self often? Stop doing that. Do you hold yourself back? Quit it. Do you have acquaintances or “friends” who doubt you or try to restrict your progress? Get rid of them immediately. I see this all the time when people start a new workout routine or a new diet or try to take on a new, significant, and productive life challenge. Don’t let someone else’s personal limitations or insecurities limit you. If that person doesn’t support you or the actions that build you up then that person has a problem and you do not have time for that. This may be tough to do, but you deserve support and not resistance.

4) Stay positive and don’t give up. You’re probably going to slip at some point in 2019. That’s okay. It happens. But, don’t let your missteps derail you from your overall goals. Stay focused and get back on track when this happens. Forgive yourself and keep moving forward!

If you ever need help with your goals or want to consult someone goal oriented you’re always welcome to come to DMA. We’re 100% about personal improvement, goal orientation and empowerment. If you ever find someone talking smack or doubting people at DMA you can come directly to me and I’ll take care of them myself.

Cheers to your progress in 2019!