I hope you’re having a Good Friday. Congrats on wrapping up another quarantine week. Most of the feedback I’ve been getting is that people are still sore from Monday’s workout – I get it…I am too.

For our last workout for the week I am more or less modifying the workout that Coach Tone took us through last night in his Zoom boxing class. You guys have got to start joining those. They’re great.

This workout will get you sweating and working your muscles but should also help with a bit of “active recovery” from the workouts you’ve already put in this week. To take a page out of Coach Kavanagh’s page, sometimes you want to upgrade your software without damaging your hardware.

The pugilism part should be fun and mixes Martial Arts back into the routine. We all want that…enjoy guys!

Movement Day
This workout is entirely bodyweight. No additional resistance. For shadow boxing, throw your normal punches with good technique for the duration of the “round”. Keep moving the whole time. You can break in between rounds (1 minute should be more than enough).

Shadow Boxing
-Three, 3 minute Rounds
Lunges (each leg), and a double squat
-Three, 2 minute Rounds
-Three, 1 minute Rounds
-Three, 1 minute Rounds
Shadow Boxing
-Three, 3 minute rounds
Stretch/Cool Down
-5 minutes of slow moving stretches – legs, back, core and arms should all be areas of focus


Have a nice weekend. If you celebrate Easter, then Happy Easter. We will be back at it on Monday.

Reminder: Coach Cole is running a Yoga workout tomorrow morning at 10am on Instagram (@creifsnider). Join us.

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