Hey gang,

I want to make a quick statement regarding your food/nutrition. We are approaching the completion of our first month in quarantine, which is wild to think about. We are in that timeline range where you could be developing new habits, hopefully good ones, and I think it’s important to take inventory on what you’re spending your time doing and what enters your body and mind.

On food: with all of this time spent inside you have a lot more control over meals than before when commuting, errands, etc can pull you into the habit of going out. It’s a good opportunity to sharpen your cooking skills and take stock of what you’re putting into your body. Not that going out to eat right now is bad–it’s nice to support local businesses right now–or grabbing treats at the store is the wrong thing to do–I bought a dozen cookies, half chocolate chip half snickerdoodle and I expect them all to be gone by Friday. But, you can also take this time to think about how often you’re eating vegetables or actually preparing and cooking some fresh food (meat, fish, etc) rather than something processed. I cook pretty often anyways, but I have been whipping up food on the regular. It’s fun to me and I’m trying some new recipes and honing some recipes I already have in my arsenal. I challenge you all to carefully consider how quarantine has affected your diet and nutrition.

Also, the workouts we have been doing are not insignificant. So, eating good food will help you stay mentally and physically healthy while you continue to exercise with some frequency and rigor.

Got nutrition advice? Got recipes to share? Send them in please. Food is important, and for me, it’s like one of the best parts of my day. I like food…

Now. Let’s Train.


A Fight Gone Bad
A fight gone bad mimics an MMA fight. Three, 5 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between rounds – you can do 5 rounds for you champion level savages! But for today it’s 3, 5 minute rounds (15 min total). You’ll want to set a timer on your phone and watch the time because in a “fight gone bad” each of the 5 minutes in the round requires a different, continuous exercise. Five exercises for a minute each until your round ends. Take your minute rest to slow your breathing, let the lactic acid in your muscles subside, recover then do it again. DMA isn’t open but you can still condition yourself for a “fight”. Rage on….

Exercises: 1 minute of each, 3 rounds, 1 minute rest, 15 minutes of exercise
Squats (weights optional)
Mountain Climbers
Situps or a Plank
Kettlebell swings

Choose your weights carefully. A minute is longer than you think. As long as you’re burning at the end of each round you know you’re doing it right.


As a reminder, if you all haven’t seen Sam’s emails about our streaming classes this week, Coach Tone is running a boxing class on Thursday at 6pm (on Zoom) and Coach Cole is running a yoga workout from 10am-11am this Saturday on Instagram (@creifsnider). Last week’s classes were excellent. I hope you all can make this week’s too.

District Martial Arts