I hope you guys are cruising into the weekend now.

One last workout before you begin the weekend! We are going to work some lateral movements by doing Speed Skaters. Working the hips, glutes, and ankle/knee stability will be your focus. Developing lateral movement and enhancing your ability to change direction yields a multitude of practical benefits in your martial arts. Think about any time you’ve had to defend a takedown and immediately attack your own. Or, on the mat during jiujitsu when someone attempts an attack you must defend and then immediately counter with an attack of your own or a maneuver to advance position. Shifting directions, recomposing your base/stance and redirecting your energy forward for offense happens more times than you’re probably aware.

Good news: pretty much every plyo exercise this week we’ve practiced will help you with the scenario I highlighted above. I hope you guys found these helpful!

Once more…


Footwork: Speed Skaters:
(if you have bands feel free to use them)

-Set a time for 10 minutes
-Complete 30 second sets of Speed Skaters
-Take rest as needed for your legs to recover


Reminder, we have Cole’s yoga class tomorrow at 10am on Instagram (@creifsnider). Coach Tone’s Tuesday/Thursday boxing classes on Zoom. And Coach Sam Shawa and I will have our first BJJ Theory/Discussion Class on Zoom.

Send in questions for the BJJ class. We are looking forward to talking shop with you guys next week!

Have a great weekend.

District Martial Arts