It’s finally a tad bit sunny again, which is lovely. I’m learning to appreciate sunlight again! Let the available vitamin D power your health.

Today’s workout comes from Coach Tony Guzman. This one is full body with a lot of core work mixed in. After all, summer is right around the corner and if you’re not going to the pool to pop your shirt off you’ll at least be ready for lots of quarantine approved selfies. Either way, Tony’s ready to help you flex.

Before we train though, a quick note on intermittent fasting (as it’s been a topic of discussion lately). For those who have never practiced this, it may be a good time to start. This is an easy way to dial in your diet when you’re stuck inside and, despite the daily workouts we have here, your overall movement/routine has probably downsized. Charles and I discussed this on his podcast this week. It’s a good discussion on fasting and diet in general for athletes.

If you’re trying to flex those abs (per Tony and Ube’s recommendation) you’ll need to dial in your diet alongside your daily workouts. Intermittent fasting is a great way to cut weight and improve your digestive health (it’s called autophagy…look it up).

If you have other questions regarding diet, nutrition, exercise, training, fighting, etc please email or text us.


The Guzman Experience: (***BYOCorgi)

20X-Scorpion Stretches L&R
20X-Standing Glute Stretch (Knee-to-chest) to Runners Lunge & Twist
20X-Cross-Kick (Dynamically Kick leg into opposite hand)
20X Airplane-pose L&R


50X High-knees
40X Ice-Skaters
30X Jump-Lunges
20X Kneeling-to-Standing-to-Jumping-knee-tucks
10X Burpees


20X Hollow Rocks
20X Cross Body Planks (Knees to opposite elbow)
20X Sit Outs
20X Leg Raises

As usual, email me or the team about your feedback/experience with these workouts. Are they hard? Easy? Do you have your own suggestions or home workouts you recommend too? We will be running coaches exercises this week, but next week we’re opening this up to member suggestions! Let’s keep this interactive and fun.

All the best,
District Martial Arts