I’m very excited for you guys to experience today’s workout from the DMA Jiujitsu team member Drew Lomax. Drew has a leg strength challenge for everyone today. Keep reading.

Drew actually sent this to me about a year ago after he and I had a conversation about skiing and workouts for long, arduous activities like a day of alpine or cross country skiing. When he first shared this with me, I gave it a double take…what are leg blasters?!? Sounds super rough right? But you guys are tough as nails so let’s crush these blasters.

If you have a workout you’d like to share with the team, please email me your suggested workout. I’ll be working those in throughout April.

Let’s go.


The Lomax Experience:

2-Part Full-body Strength-Endurance Workout (borrowed from Mountain Tactical Institute). Note: hyperlinks to a demonstration of each movement are included in the text below.

Time: <1hr (20-25 mins for Part A; 15 mins for Part B)
-Pull-up bar, OR plan to substitute some other rowing/pulling movement, e.g., dumbbell rows, banded rows, inverted rows (possibly using your gi top for additional grip work) from a conveniently located tree branch/post, rings or a TRX
-1 x Dumbell or Kettlebell – ~25# for men; ~15# for women

Part A:
“Mini” Leg blaster, Pushup and Pull-up Circuit:

10 rounds:
1 round =
1 x “Mini” Leg blaster: 10 x air squats, 10 x forward lunges (5 each leg, in place), 10 x jumping lunges (5 each leg, in place), 5 x jumping air squats
10 x push ups (men); 5 x Push ups (women)
4 x pull ups* (men); 2 x pull ups (women)
Rest 30 seconds to a minute at end of each round, shake out the legs, and repeat until 10 rounds completed.

*if you don’t have access to a pull-up bar, consider substituting the pull-ups with dumbbell or kettlebell rows from a high/squatting ‘combat base’ stance, one elbow on a knee with your non-pulling arm, for 8-10 reps each side depending on weight in lieu of pull-ups/chin-ups.

Break: 5 mins before starting Part B

Part B: 15-minute “Grind”: The goal for this part of the workout is to keep your heart-rate up and just keep moving. It’s a combination of exercises that are good for your core, shoulder girdle and your movement under fatigue.

5 x Standing Dumbell or Kettlebell “Half Moon”
5 x Kneeling Dumbell or Kettlebell Slasher-Halos
5 x Dumbell or Kettlebell Clean and Push-press (switch arm each round, i.e., round 1 do left arm, round 2 do right arm…)
3 x Turkish Getup (alternate sides each round)

Exercise Library:;


Tomorrow may make sense for some of us to rest, right?

Shout out to Drew Lomax for sending this brutal but strength (both mental and physical) building workout. This is excellent.

Get after it DMA!!

Talk to you tomorrow.

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