Hi Team,

We are approaching the midpoint of May. We are almost 2 full months into quarantine and I hope you’re all staying positive and healthy out there.

We are a community and a team. The gym is still closed, as you all obviously know, and we are carefully tracking updates from the Virginia and Arlington County governments for when and how we can safely open doors.

As of this morning Governor Northam has set a tentative Phase I rollout date of May 28th. DMA leadership will be carefully monitoring changes to policy/status as decisions at the government level are made. We do not expect to be open in Phase I, but we are staying tuned for guidelines regarding Phase II. It’s possible that we may be able to open in Phase II depending on the parameters set.

We truly value your support through all of this.

If you’re anything like me, physical exercise has been a great way to deal with the difficulty of quarantining. This isn’t easy but I am hopeful that these daily workouts are giving you something healthy to do.

It’s hump day so let’s stay focused on having another productive week. Let’s go.


Core Day

30 KB Turkish Getups (15 each arm)
200 V Ups
200 Crunches
5 Minutes of Planks

***Optional: Break this down into 5 sets


Don’t let sitting down at home all day make your core/spine weak! Stay strong. Stay healthy. Support your neighbors.

Team District Martial Arts