Good afternoon everybody,

I hope you had a chance to swing the Kettlebell yesterday. I always find swings to be most challenging for grips as the volume increases. My back, abs and hips all get endurance work too. It’s a simple workout that yields a high return, especially for our martial arts training.

Today I want to continue featuring the Kettlebell but shift our focus to the Turkish Get Up. You don’t need a massive Kettlebell for this exercise. Turkish Get Ups take a bit more time, as you are basically grabbing the KB, pressing it into the air, standing up, and sitting back down which all constitutes one rep. This will impact your whole body, with a particular focus on stability. That’s why I love this exercise. I always notice it in my abs, back and quads but while all of those muscle groups are working I am trying to keep my 36lb Kettlebell stable.

If you’ve ever tried to hip escape in jiujitsu and press your opponent off of you, then you know how important it is to be able to lock out your arms while the rest of your body moves. This is the first direct application that comes to mind from our sport, but there are many other ways the Turkish Get Up will prepare you for martial arts. I think you’ll see for yourself the more acquainted you get with it.

Here is your call to action:


The Kettlebell Turkish Get Up:

10 Minute Max KB Swings:
-Set a timer for 10 minutes and let it run
-Break down in sets of 5-10 each arm
-Write down your # for each set
-Take as much recovery as needed

Like yesterday I’m only calling for 10 minutes, but if you still have time and energy in your day either add in more swings from yesterday or just keep the Get Ups going.


Do any of you already do Turkish Get Ups? Would love to hear how it supplements your martial arts training. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Scott Dance
District Martial Arts