Good morning guys!

Memorial Day Weekend is almost upon us. Before the long weekend, let’s keep up the hard work and momentum going.

Today we are going to practice the Kettlebell Snatch. Another VIP of the KB training game. I like this for explosive movement training and shoulder stability. You basically grab the weight, establish good posture, pull the KB off the ground and “catch it” in the air with your arm extended. Explosive movements are a crucial piece of wrestling and BJJ. You need to transition through positions quickly and efficiently non stop, and move into the next position ready to lock down your opponent.

If this is a new exercise to you I recommend a lighter weight that you can handle confidently as you develop competency and skill. Like yesterday I have a video resource for you to watch too.

Working the KB Snatch will work your whole body, with a strong focus on grip and shoulders. This is “VIP” for a reason! Enjoy.


The Kettlebell Snatch:

10 Minute Max KB Snatch:
-Set a timer for 10 minutes and let it run
-Break down in sets of 5-10 each arm
-Write down your # for each set
-Take as much recovery as needed

This workout tends to be more upper body, so you can mix in a lower body movement too at your discretion to give your shoulders/traps a break or simply to balance out the workout. Again, at your discretion.


Are you starting to get a grasp for the Kettlebell? Are you bored (if that’s even possible!) of Kettlebells?!? Send in some feedback.

All the best,
District Martial Arts