Good evening!

We are continuing the fight gone back (3, five minute rounds) model and mixing in our body weight theme. It’s time for you guys to get accustomed to 5 minute rounds again!

It feels like an eternity since we all last trained on the mats together, but when we go back (let’s all hope Phase I goes well so we can soon!) 5 minutes of sparring may be rough. Let’s get some preparation in now.

How many rounds can ya get?!?


Bodyweight Workout #3

For 3, 5 minute rounds complete the following
***1 minute rest in between rounds

1 Minute of Planks
1 Minute of Shadow Boxing
1 Minute of Down block/shots
1 Minute of Hip Escapes
1 Minute of Kimura Situps

If 3 rounds isn’t enough go for the “Championship” rounds (5 total).


This weekend rounds out the month of May. Arlington begins Phase I of going back to business. We will keep you updated with DMA’s updates and plan to go back to business as soon as we are cleared by government officials. Stay healthy, gang.

District Martial Arts