Good morning,

The competition is heating up. People are putting up good numbers too! We had 3 DMA members throw up over 400 pushups yesterday (Robbie, Josh and Bennett). Everyone who contributed yesterday and contacted us did at least 100 during the day. That’s impressive! Proud of you guys!

Here are the standings:

1) Robbie Martin – 850 total
2) Evan Elliot
3) Bennet Caplin
4) Eric Borio
5) Josh Wellner

Shout out to Robbie for completing 550 yesterday (yesterday’s largest contribution) followed by Josh with 500 in a day. Dang! The bar has been raised.

Shout out to other contenders in the race too: Cole R., Brian Pierre, Mike A., and Mark P!!

Keep it up! It’s day 3. I’m interested to see how you guys pace yourselves through the week. Free T-shirt on the line!

Let’s go.

District Martial Arts