Good afternoon,

Got another one for you. We’re still working legs. This time it’s box jumps/jump squats. You have the option to pick whichever you’d like but if you can do both do that; it’s good to make your muscles/mind shift gears while working out.

I like any “jump” workouts for increasing power in my legs/glutes but also for quickness of my feet. Box jumps – especially when I combine them with my barbell squat routine – produce speed and power that I find most valuable in my wrestling practice. Shooting in on an opponent (especially a highly trained wrestler like the guys we have at DMA) will require good timing and explosive movement. I also find I can step in and out of range better in wrestling or BJJ (guard passing) when lifting legs with speed is easy.

Or! Do you guys ever deal with those pesky leg lockers in jiujitsu? Nothing quite like stepping right out of one of those traps, am I right?!? I know a couple of you guys are those leg lockers, so deal with it…

Queue up the Box Jumps and Jump Squats.


Plyo Box Jumps or Jump Squats
Box jumps:
Jump Squats:

-Set a time for 10 minutes
-Alternate sets of 10 box jumps and 10 jump squats – if you only have space and equipment for jump squats just do that. but if you can improvise and use a box do both
-record your numbers

***Emphasis, again, on technique and landing. Don’t overdo it if you’re afraid you can’t stick a safe landing. Recover and then start again. Quality over quantity.


Reminder, every Tuesday and Thursday coach Tone is running boxing workouts at 6pm. They’re excellent. Don’t miss these!

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