Hi Team,

One thing I keep hearing from people is that they’re sitting down a bit more because they’re at home. I have certainly noticed this more for myself. A weak spine and neck can lead you to injury. No bueno.

Today we have a back and core focused workout to keep our spine and neck nice and strong. This quarantine may have a more sedentary effect on us but we can take simple measures to keep our back and core strong and stable.



Back & Core Strength:
I recommend you break this down into 5 sets. Break. Then take on the planks.

KB Deadlifts- 100
KB High Pulls – 50
KB Rows – 50 each arm
Sit-Ups – 200
V-Ups – 200

***Break – 2 minutes

Planks – 1 minute, 3x


Sidebar: I hope you guys are getting outside for walks when it’s sunny. There’s finally some vitamin D you can soak up too. Go get it.

Talk soon.

District Martial Arts