Good afternoon DMA,

Tomorrow is the DMA gear pick up day. 3-4pm. A few of your have emailed about 3-4pm being a difficult time, so we can coordinate another day/time for you. Please email me if you won’t be able to make tomorrow.

Today’s workout: conditioning. It’s going to be rough for all of us to get back into our rhythms on the mat. You better start your conditioning work now!


Conditioning Day:
2 Mile Run – At or less than 20 minutes
5 sets of 40 yard sprints – rest accordingly between sets & try to keep this under 10 minutes
60 Burpees – complete in less than 5 minutes

Rest in between each interval as you need to but make sure you’re pushing your limits here.


Have a good weekend. Expect more news and updates next week.

Team DMA