Good afternoon Team,

I hope you found yesterday’s Plyo Pushup workouts to be productive. Great for shoulder and upper body stability work.

Today we are shifting to a lower body exercise: Jump Lunges. We have taste tested some of this in those Leg Blasters Drew put us on, but today is all about the Jump Lunge. You’ll get an excellent lower body workout with jump lunges while also yielding some speed/explosiveness of movement when working the “jump” portion of these lunges.

If you’re new to this, just take your time. Work on effective movements and landing with stability on each lunge. Take breaks as needed. If you’re accustomed to these then focus on swift movements with clean landings. In martial arts, smooth, deliberate, precise movements are much more useful than their clumsy, dangerous and indirect alternatives.

Remember: you’re training your body and mind to perform correct movements when you do things slowly and precisely. Speed comes later. Quick and clumsy trains you to be exactly that. Give this careful consideration…


Plyo Jump Lunges
-Set a time for 10 minutes
-perform sets of 10-20 (per leg) – Goals: work to fatigue but don’t fail on technique (in other words stop when fatigue overcomes technique. Pause. Recover. go again).
-record your numbers

***Go as slow as you need to maintain technique and balance


Stay tuned for some cool updates on Zoom classes starting next week. We will send out more details later in the week. If you have questions or ideas please email me.

All the best.

District Martial Arts